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Door Jambs are the most critical part of your door to reinforce.

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The Common Problems With Inexpensive Door Locks & Door Security

The most common way for people to prevent intruders from getting into their homes and offices is through the use of simple door locks. There are a variety of locks available, and they range from being cheap and simple to being expensive and complex. Door Security is your ultimate focus and your choice of locks depends on your budget and the amount of security that you want. Simple locks are usually placed in houses that are newly-built instead of the more expensive deadbolt locks. A lot of people prefer the more affordable lock systems because of the price, ease of installation and because they are easy to replace. Cheaper Locks Although simple locks have their advantages, they do not provide the highest form of door security that you will need and any locksmith will tell you this. If the locks are complex and provide a high level of security, they will cost more. The purpose of making cheaper locks is so that more people can afford them but at the expense of lower door security.

Avoid Simple Locks

Probably the most common problem of simple locks is that they can easily be picked by intruders. The fact is that the more common locks are nothing more than a simple annoyance to a burglar. Another common problem with the cheaper, simpler locks is that they do not offer much door security even when the attempts to open them are simple. There are cases when burglars have cut a hole that is small in the door and manipulated the lock to unlock the door. Otherwise, if the lock is less complex, burglars can simply pick the lock to get in. Intruders will find it easy to break in It is very likely that an experienced burglar will be able to pick a lock and gain entry into your home or building, allowing him to steal whatever he wants to. The reason behind this is the simplicity with which the lock is made of. Another problem with door locks is that they have a propensity to rust and deteriorate under some weather conditions whereas more expensive locks would do just fine. This is because that the materials that lock makers use for cheaper locks are easily destroyed. They use these materials because it makes the locks cheaper and more available to more people. However, as mentioned, they do not provide adequate security against intruders and burglars. Thus, if you want to have better door security in your home, invest in more expensive locks and you won’t regret it. If you are looking to improve your door security, look at for the one proven way to eliminate door kick-ins.

Best Door Security

Unless You Reinforce Your Doors and improve your door security, burglars Can Get Into Your House Just as easy as a simple kick to the door!  The problem is quite simple. Soft wood door jambs can’t withstand the force of the 1/2″ diameter solid steel deadbolt stem being massively forced against them which is what happens when a door is kicked-in or shoulder-slammed. The most efficient, most cost effective solution to fix the problem is to install a metal door frame reinforcement device that extends well above and below the strike plates on the door jamb.

Eliminate this from happening with Patriot Door Security

It should be well secured using multiple extra-long, high strength, large diameter screws that burrow deep into the wall studs that are behind the door jamb. By doing this, you now have steel holding steel instead of wood holding steel.

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