Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray – Surprise!

Carrying a canister of pepper spray itself is a good idea. Carrying a pepper spray canister disguised to look like something else is even better! When you use a disguised canister you will be able to surprise any attacker and get a good clear shot to his face which will be most effective. The manufacturers are ingenious when it comes to disguising pepper spray canisters to look like an ordinary object. You can buy lipstick pepper spray, which is a canister that looks exactly like a regular old tube of lipstick. http://bit.ly/1NZRSMo


Pepper Spray for Men

See that guy sitting over there with a pager on his belt? Well surprise, that pager is actually holding two small canisters of self defense spray. The great thing about a disguised canister is that it can be carried in plain site, nobody takes notice of it, and it is readily available to you for use. When you use pepper spray in a lipstick container the attacker has no idea that is what you are grabbing for. When an attacker sees a regular canister of pepper spray he will probably block his face and eyes and it may cause the effectiveness of the pepper spray not to be as effective as possible. When you use pepper spray in a container and the assailant doesnt know that you have pepper spray then he is not expecting it. He is also not blocking his face, which will allow you to get the best shot into the eyes and face possible.

Benefits of Pepper Spray

One good shot of the oleoresin capsicum (OC) in the face can disable the person for up to 30 minutes. Pepper spray is a very low cost personal protection device for self defense. Violent crimes across the United States occur almost every 20 seconds. A rape, murder or even a kidnapping could be prevented with a simple $15 – $30 investment of a canister of pepper spray. Women are extremely vulnerable and it is important to give them confidence by knowing how to use a container of pepper spray. A disguised canister of pepper spray provides you with the best chance of catching an attacker off guard and nailing him right in the face with it. Even so, if you buy a self defense spray you should practice using it before the need really arises. Practice getting it out because you dont want to waste time in an emergency by having to look around for it. Keep it handy. Also, practice activating it. If you have not practiced aiming it and flipping the activation lever you will waste precious seconds in a dangerous situation.

Other Self Defense Items

When you are considering items for self defense you should consider disguised items. This is because when you use disguised pepper spray for personal protection you can carry it in your hand and an attacker has no idea that it is pepper spray. You can get a shot into the attackers face with the spray that is clear and solid. This will ensure your shot is effective and you are able to get away from the assailant. More Information: Check out Lipstick Pepper Spray and learn more about self defense products at DefenseShopper.com

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